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Need An IV Booster?

IV Booster is among the solutions we offer at the IV Lounge. We offer a wide variety of IV Boosters for those either in-between IV Infusion treatments or those looking for a quick alternative.

While most IV treatments can take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour to complete, you can receive the full treatment in under 5 minutes with our Boosters!

A booster is essentially a mini dose of the IV Infusion without the hydrating solution. Most boosters are administered via intramuscular injection (into the muscle), with one type administered via subcutaneous injection (under the skin).

By bypassing the GI Tract, boosters deliver nutrients and minerals directly to the body’s system, where they are rapidly absorbed and put to work – all at high absorption into the cells and bloodstream.

Enjoy our boosters as part of your weekly or monthly routine. We make it so convenient for you that many patients like to take advantage of it on their lunch break!

You do not need to be ill to benefit – take charge of your health and take advantage of this effective tool for optimal well-being.

IM IV Boosters (in-clinic only)

Brain Booster (B1 + B6)

This boost is 1,000 MG (total) of Vitamin B1 and B6. It is beneficial for those experiencing brain fog, mental exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. It also assists those with high blood pressure and cardiometabolic issues.

IV Booster

Vitamin D

This boost is 1ML of Vitamin D (10,000MG). The body requires vitamin D for bone growth and health. It cannot absorb calcium without Vitamin D. Known as one of the essential “core four,” Vitamin D has considered a necessary supplement as most of the population is deficient due to various sources of factors. In addition, it helps with strengthening the immune system, regulating moods, boosting concentration, and improving bone and muscle health.

IV Booster

B complex

This boost is 1ML of Vitamin B complex. It combines five B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. B vitamins perform various foundational functions and are essential for boosting your energy, brain function, and cell metabolism. They are also helpful for improving cardiometabolic processing, digestion, and muscle tone.


This boost is 1ML+ of PolyMVA, a unique formula of Minerals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids that can benefit various health conditions and is particularly useful for those undergoing standard cancer treatments. It improves effectiveness in anti-tumor effects and lessens side-effects of treatments. Independent studies show that Poly MVA can help kill cancer cells without hurting normal cells. Additionally, it works to repair Mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse) to improve energy production.


This B12 booster is 1ML of Vitamin B12. Cobalamin is a critical vitamin for essential bodily reactions and is crucial to your body’s detoxification process. It increases energy, builds proteins (improving your hair, skin & nails), boosts mood, and decreases anxiety. Lack of B12 can lead to anemia, leaving your body weak and tired.

IV Booster


This boost is 1ML of Glutathione, one of the most potent antioxidants combating toxins and chemicals. Stabilizing and regulating our vitamin intake improves the efficacy of the nutrients we absorb. Glutathione also provides the skin with a brighter and more radiant glow.


This boost is 1ML of a combination of MIC and B12. This combination boosts the body’s energy and metabolism. It is a powerful blend of “fat attacking” amino acids that help metabolize fat and eliminate toxins in the liver.

SUB Q IV Booster (in-clinic & at home)


This boost is 50 MG of NAD+. We administer in-clinic, and our patients can take them home as well. More than 50 MG may be given depending on the individual’s specific tolerance level. Our body’s natural supply of Niacin dramatically declines with age, and NAD+ has a unique capability to regulate and improve cell and DNA repair. It also works to regulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, reverse the effects of aging, and improve brain function.

IV Booster

What to expect from IV therapy


When you arrive at our clinic, you can receive your IV booster right away, or if you would like a more in-depth approach, our medical team is available for a free consultation.

During your consultation, our medical team will come alongside you to develop your treatment plan, whether it’s to target specific issues, provide overall prevention and wellness, or both.


IV Booster Treatment

After receiving your IV booster, you will feel an overall sense of well-being which will only increase after each subsequent treatment.

Before the end of your visit, our lifestyle architects will discuss your lifestyle plan and chart a course for future treatments or steps you can take as we partner with you to reach your health and wellness goals.



After your IV Push treatment, you will experience more energy, better mood, increased fat burning, memory/brain support, boost in exercise intensity, and improved recovery time after exercise.

At-Home Treatment

We recommend the following steps for people who administer the SubQ IV booster at home:
  • 1.Gather your supplies (needle & syringe, alcohol & alcohol pad, band-aid)

  • 2.Find a comfortable sitting position

  • 3.Clean the area of your stomach with alcohol. Make sure it is:

    . in the lower part of your belly
    . at least two inches away from the belly button
    . not a reddened or hardend area

  • 4.Wait until the alcohol dries

  • 5.Pinch a fatty area away from your body

  • 6.Inject the booster slowly

  • 7.Wait and count to 10

  • 8.Twist the syringe slowly at a 30-degree angle & pull out

  • 9.Throw away syringe

  • 10.Put a band-aid on the injection spot

  • 11.Remain seated for 15 minutes and massage the area

Our team will also guide you through this process at the clinic for your first booster, so feel free to ask us any questions through the process.